Cappuccino Selections

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Key Features:
• G3 ADS™ Digital Control Module (G3/ADS™) – Provides precise control over all critical blending and dispensing functions.
• Pre-Dispense – Easy to use. Choose a size from small, medium or large by the touch of a button.
• Factory Pre-Set – for out-of-the-box operation.
• Irradiant LCD Digital Display – Extra bright and easy to see.
• Scroll-Through Precision Programming – Adjust powder flow in 5% increments and water temperature from 80°F to 200°F to create the perfect hot or cold beverage for your operation.
• Uniform Programming – Ideal for large rollout
• Touch Controls – Smooth and easy-to-clean.
• Touch Controls – Smooth and easyto- clean.
• On-Board Diagnostics – continually senses proper operation. A Service Number will be displayed if technical assistance is required.
• Fully Sealed – G3 chips and processors are encapsulated in an impact-resistant polymer, virtually eliminating the harmful effects of heat, moisture and physical damage.
• Direct Drive Mixing Augers – Ensure smooth high-speed blending of powdered drinks.
• High Velocity Whipping Motors – Sloped whipping motors ensure smooth, high-speed blending of powdered drinks.
• Digital Temperature Control – Precisely senses water temperature and level to maximize energy efficiency and prevent heating element burnout.
• Fixed-Flow Water System – Ensures precise drink blending regardless of irregularities in water pressure/volume.

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