ION Counter Top Filtered Water Cooler

  • counter top water cooler

The ION water cooler’s bottleless design and commercial-grade carbon filtration system ensure every glass of water is the freshest possible. With its sleek design, ION will spruce up any office counter.

Key Features:
• Offering 10x the cooling capacity of a standard office water cooler, the ION reduces contaminants down to 0.5 micron and dispenses up to 80 glasses in 40 minutes
• all at an ideal 42°F.
• Serving up to two gallons of freshly filtered hot water an hour, the ION hot water cooler’s faucet and faucet body are self-sterilized for optimal hygiene with each cup of 180°F water dispensed.
• The ION’s sparkling water feature ensures the freshest taste possible, dispensing up to 3,000 glasses of instantly carbonated water per 10 lb. CO2 tank.
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